Swedish Massage

30 mins. $45   60 mins.  $75   90 mins.  $105  

A relaxation massage of light to firm pressure.  Relieves muscle tension & pain, decreases stress & anxiety, increases mood & mental alertness.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 mins.  $45  60 mins.  $75   90 mins..$105

A firm pressure therapeutic massage working through the superficial layers of muscle and fascia.  Helps alleviate chronic pain, decreased range of motion, & inflammation.

Synergy Heat-wave Stone Massage

60 mins.  $80    90 mins.  $110

Heated & oiled stones are used to relieve tense muscles and sore joints. Combined with swedish and deep tissue techniques to create total relaxation of mind, body, and soul.


45 mins..$75

Eight therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to back and feet in a specific technique.  This treatment address' all systems of the body and return to homeostasis.

Prenatal Massage
60 mins.  $75
A gentle massage to relieve the muscle cramps, spasm, & pain during pregnancy.  Safe Semi-reclined and side-line body positioning are used with extra pillows for your comfort. 

Swedish Massage & Cupping

60 mins.  $80       90 mins.  $110

Massage therapy with the use of cupping. Therapeutic cups are used to create a negative pressure relieving muscle tension and removing toxins.

​​Medical Massage
60 mins.   $130
Therapeutic massage that is considered medically necessary.  Swedish & Deep tissue techniques are geared towards a specific goal to improve health for wellness care, rehabilitative care, and preventative care.

Health Insurance acceptance is Closed
I am no longer accepting new clients with health insurance