Continuing Education

Insurance Billing

Learn the different types of insurance,  how to bill insurance, and receive reimbursement. Receive forms and example documents required to bill insurance.  Also, learn about Superbills. You will leave this class with the tools, knowledge, and forms to be able to accept and bill Health, Auto, and L&I insurance. 

2 WA State CE's   $45

Introduction to Essential Oils

Learn the Basics of Essential oils; how to get started, application, and uses.  Experiment and create roll on blends. Also, learn a therapeutic treatment with hands-on practice; Receive and give a full-body therapeutic oil treatment.  This class also includes an intro set of oils for you to keep.

  4 WA State CE's    $165


Mastering Your Skills

A hands-on workshop for the beginner or advanced Massage Therapist.  Learn tools and techniques to have a long healthy career or pick up something fun to rejuvenate your dharma.  This course includes self-care, journaling, yoga, and breathing techniques.   You will learn advanced massage using  the "forearm & flow" technique.  Also, learn about different tools, with hands-on practice, such as cupping, synergy stones, fascia blasters, bongers, intelligent percussion tools, and massage guns.

8 WA State CE's      $150